New Developments


1. Acquisition Phase

In today’s large global and inefficient market, the ability to identify the best investment opportunities can be the most significant factor of long-term success. Waterstone Capital has a strong acquisitions team that consistently identifies, evaluates and executes deals. Our firm takes pride in having a strong position in the market, a wide range source of deals, and a permanent pipeline of opportunities.

During the underwriting period, Waterstone Capital’s focus is on the importance of the process of Due-Diligence. Directed towards in-depth preliminary financial and market analysis, capital expenditure evaluation, physical asset evaluation and final investment committee approval, Waterstone Capital’s mission is to provide our partners and investors with a thorough understand of each possible investment opportunity.


2. Design Phase

Waterstone Capital Asset Management background provides the perfect environment for our team of professionals to access and develop ideas to optimize and maximize the value of any property. Our team expertise consist of design, but also timeline and budgeting for the project. In addition, Waterstone Capital is committed to engaging the right consultants to abide by municipality, county and city building codes and any permitting that is required in order to begin work on the property.

During this process, Waterstone Capital directs its efforts to promote and achieve beautiful artistic design results and collective themes for the projects that will fit each project’s needs and financial structure. Our Project Management and Consultant teams work hand-in-hand to quickly and efficiently finalize side plans, floor plans, renderings, and any other design items that are vital to continue on to the next phase.

Once initial schematics are approved, the Design Team develops the themes of the project in further detail. This consist of integrating materials, components, and systems into the design of the renovations and producing drawings and specifications to display project range and quality.

Completed drawings are established to maintain a consistent design schematic across the entire scope of the project. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are finalized, and the specifications sent to vendors to begin preparations. Materials and equipment are also confirmed for final steps before construction.

3. Construction Phase

During the Pre-Construction phase, Waterstone Capital stresses importance & value of the future scope of rehabilitation or ground-up construction. During this phase, the schedule and budget of the project are also refined, and permitting is completed with local agencies.

Throughout the Bidding phase Waterstone Capital, Requests for Proposal (RFP) are delivered to vendors. Vendors are then assessed based on ability to deliver projects under budget and on-time.

Waterstone Capital adopts an on-site and administrative supervisory role during this phase, tracking the schedule, budget, and lender related items. Close attention is paid to work quality and onsite work process to ensure safe working conditions.

During this phase Waterstone Capital ensures to deliver the best quality, of all attained materials such as Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) are installed in all units and structures under construction.